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Welcome to Bezděkov

A small village in western Bohemia, located about 4 km from the main road connecting Pilsen and Karlovy Vary, exactly near the village of Třebouň. You can reach us in less than 30 minutes from Pilsen, as well as from Karlovy Vary.
Our environment is characterized by a wide open landscape with low population density, with little tourism, here you will find peace and well-being immediately. On our large terrace you can watch the starry sky with a glass of wine.

Opening 2019

Rated 4.9 on Google Reviews

A few interesting facts about the guest house

Interesting numbers

Common room with a capacity for 50 people
Lounge with capacity for 10 people

What awaits you

Comfortable and cozy rooms

Outdoor seating

Parking for free

social events

You can use your free time with us in many ways

free time

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For hunting guests
For hunting guests we can ensure hunting of game in our rented hunting grounds or fields.
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For cycling and nature lovers
For cycling and nature lovers in our area there is a wide range of cycling and hiking trails.
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For monument visitors and spas
From the hunting lodge you can make day trips to Karlovy Vary and the surrounding area by car, as well as visit various monuments and thermal baths.
Lovecký penzion Frič
Hunting Agency
Bezděkov 33, CZ-364 01 Toužim

Reservation by phone

+420 607 166 584

Where to find us
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